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Arvada's Most Colorful Dispensary

Welcome to the colorful Berkeley Dispensary! We are located just south of I-76 on Sheridan Blvd, between I-70 and I-76, Highlands and Arvada. We offer a variety of recreational deals every day. With a large selection of flower, concentrates, vape cartridges, and edibles, you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for at Berkeley Dispensary. Our friendly staff trained to provide comprehensive education and lead customer in quickly evolving world of cannabis.

Browse through our inventory of fantastic indica, sativa, or hybrid flower harvested from our very own gardens or sourced from local Colorado vendors who grow the best cannabis products. Everything we sell is vetted by our seasoned staff so feel free to ask questions!

Don’t let your visit to a recreational dispensary be overwhelming: come visit our friendly staff, they are excited to be your guide and help find the right product for you! 

Yuma Way and Cannabis Pioneering

Yuma Way, LLC and Berkeley Dispensary are proud to operate Denver’s First Licensed Public Consumption lounge: The Coffee Joint. With passion and  dedication to educating people, The Coffee Joint instructs patrons on how to safely and responsibly consume cannabis products. The Coffee Joint also offers a vast selection of CBD products, ranging from muscle creams to dog treats- we have it all!

Look inside for plenty of useful information on cannabis and where to consume cannabis in Colorado.


Enjoy FREE CONSUMPTION @ The Coffee Joint with Receipt from Berkeley Dispensary.

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  • Spectacular Selection of Cannabis Flower
  • Amazing Cannabis Oil and Concentrates
  • Delicious and potent Cannabis Edibles

Berkeley Dispensary offers a variety of cannabis products to meet all budgets and needs. Our cannabis flower selection includes familiar and novelty strains for you to explore. We also have a selection of vaporizer cartridges from the likes of Eureka, Mezz, Airo Pro and more, and when it comes to edibles we have Cheeba Chews, Dixie Elixirs, Incredibles, Love’s Oven, Nature’s High, RX, Stratos, Wana: you name it, we got it!

Using our convenient online menu, you can browse our selection of fine cannabis products from the comfort of your own home and make an order ahead of time to pick up at our store, allowing you to bypass lines and stress.

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